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Green Diamond | India
  • Green Diamond | India
  • Green Diamond | India
  • Green Diamond | India

Green Diamond | India


Meet GREEN DIAMOND, a TV-22 Cultivar hand-picked loose leaf green tea grown at 60masl at Doke Estate in Bihar, India.


Expect to taste: cherry, brazil nut, mixed citrus zest, lavender & greengage plum.


    TLDR: a project of the Lochan family's middle child, Neha, this green tea is beautifully bright and fresh, and offers a very interesting take on the traditional Darjeeling style tea.


    This small independent tea garden is located near Kishanganj in the state of Bihar, northeast India. The plantation was founded in 1998 by Rajiv Lochan – a veteran tea planter and conservationist who, after managing several other plantations, decided it was time to set up one of his own. Lochan's vision for Doke Tea was to produce carefully handcrafted teas that are unique to the region without harming the surrounding ecosystem.


    Despite being located just 200km from Darjeeling, Bihar isn't a traditional tea-producing region, but Lochan and his team soon built a reputation for outstanding teas. The tea garden,  is cut by the river Doke which as well as giving the estate its name, it helps irrigate the plantation, which has its own water management and solar power systems – all part of Doke's mission to minimise its carbon footprint and impact on both the landscape and the people who work within it.


    Green Diamond is developed by Neha Lochan, with an aim to create new teas for the refined palate, while also working to expand tea education. Hand-rolled, with beautiful, fluffy leaves, this tea is made only in small batches. Each set of leaves is processed to complement the seasonal variations in the harvest. The fragrance wafts up luxuriously from the leaves, with a delicious, deep vegetal aroma. The flavours are an interesting contrast between sweet-tart cherry flavours and earthy, mineral undertones. The texture is sharp, delivering a clean, strong finish.


    This tea best drunk without milk, but we're not your real dad, so you do you!

    Remember, more tea means more strength, and more time means more astringency

    Gong Fu Style: 3.5g per 100ml, ~80C water, 30 second steeps in Gaiwan. Lasts 3-4 steeps.


    Western Style (in a mug or large teapot): 3g per 100ml, ~80C water for 4-5 minutes. Lasts 2-3 steeps.


    Cold Brew: 5g per 500ml of water and just pop it in the fridge overnight.

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