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Core Roasters Coffee: handpicked, considered coffee, roasted in small batches in Melbourne. Inspired by people, flavour, 1920s Japanese woodblock prints and graphic poster design.
Uraga | Ethiopia
  • Uraga | Ethiopia
  • Uraga | Ethiopia
  • Uraga | Ethiopia

Uraga | Ethiopia


Meet URAGA, a 2300masl washed bourbon from various smallholder producers around Guji, Ethiopia.


Expect to taste: mango, honeysuckle, apricot, milk chocolate, persimmon, mandarin & oolong tea.


    TL;DR: a classic Ethiopian coffee, sweet, delicate, yet full of flavour. Great for drinking every day.


    Typical of coffee in Ethiopia, this coffee is traced back to a washing station, the Uraga washing station in this case. This is due to the sheer number of smallholder farmers who typically only farm less than 1/2 a hectare, who bring coffee cherries to the washing station for processing.


    Less typical of Ethiopian coffee is that this coffee, according to the washing station manager is made up of mostly Bourbon. While you will normally see this variety related to coffees from south and central America, this Ethiopian bourbon is genetically different, and is a label given to a range of disease resistant trees in Ethiopia. This variety difference doesn't change the flavour though, this coffee is a sublime example of coffee from the Guji region - think intense florals, clean citrus, and syrupy texture.


    Like a spring walk through the suburbs, warm and relaxing, the smells of jasmine and lavender in the air.


    We start with the same recipe for all of our espresso coffees:

    • 20g dose
    • 45g yield
    • 30 seconds


    From here we will tweak things to get the flavours to highlight things we like. Use this as your starting point and go wild!


    Note: some domestic espresso machines can’t use a 20g dose. Please always follow your manufacturers instructions to avoid damaging your equipment.

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