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Gardenia Flower Oolong | Taiwan
  • Gardenia Flower Oolong | Taiwan
  • Gardenia Flower Oolong | Taiwan
  • Gardenia Flower Oolong | Taiwan

Gardenia Flower Oolong | Taiwan


Welcoming GARDENIA FLOWER OOLONG, a 300masl machine & hand-picked medium style loose leaf Jinxuan cultivar Oolong grown in Taoyuan, Taiwan.


Expect to taste: gardenia, honeydew melon, sugar snap peas, white peach & lychee.


    TLDR: No artificial flavours, just expertly crafted oolong tea and gardenia flowers. This is relaxation in a cup.


    We feel it can't be overstated that there are no artificial flavours or additions in this tea. It's simply a mix of fantastic oolong tea and gardenia flowers. We were stunned by the fragrance of this tea when we first tried it, and it immediately went into the "must buy" pile for us. Once that shock wore off we let out a collective sigh and the incredible power this tea has to relax you came over us.


    This tea offers a strong first steep, but quickly mellows to be incredibly floral and smooth, with a fragrance that will fill any room. Gardenia flowers have seen so many uses from medicine, to perfume, to decorating the lapels of gangsters, and now they are providing you a sublime drinking experience.


    If you see a hot day in the weather forecast make sure this is your go-to cold brew, you'll never feel quite so refreshed as after this.


    *** Please note: Due to the super tight roll of this tea, your box will appear slightly less full. The tea leaves & flowers will expand as it steeps, so rest assured - we weigh everything we send out, and the box contains all 70g of delicious tea!


    This tea best drunk without milk, but we're not your real dad, so you do you!

    Remember, more tea means more strength, and more time means more astringency


    Gong Fu Style: 3.5g per 100ml, ~95C water, 45 second to one minute steeps in Gaiwan. Lasts 3-4 steeps.


    Western Style (in a mug or large teapot): 3g per 100ml, ~95C water for 2-3 minutes. Lasts 2-3 steeps.


    Cold Brew: 5g per 500ml of water and just pop it in the fridge overnight.

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