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Core Roasters Coffee: handpicked, considered coffee, roasted in small batches in Melbourne. Inspired by people, flavour, 1920s Japanese woodblock prints and graphic poster design.
Finca La Divisa | Colombia
  • Finca La Divisa | Colombia
  • Finca La Divisa | Colombia
  • Finca La Divisa | Colombia

Finca La Divisa | Colombia


FINCA LA DIVISA is a phenomenal washed process pink bourbon, grown at 1700-1800masl by Sebastian Gomez in Quindio, Colombia.


Expect to taste:  fairy floss, aperol, passion fruit, nashi, pomelo, hibiscus & jersey caramel


    TL;DR: Yet another example of Sebastian’s exemplary growing and production of coffee. But don’t read this, get the kettle on!


    Sebastian Gomez comes from a traditional coffee family. He and his father own La Divisa Farm, a three hectare farm, located at 1700masl in Circasia, Quindío.


    On the farm, they have some beautiful shade trees such as Guamo, Guayacan, Gualandai, and Nogal.

    A young farmer, Sebastian and his wife work together on the coffee duties and administrative matters across their farm. His father, John, has been working in coffee for more than 30 years and has been taking care of the coffee farm since he bought La Divisa in 1995.


    Sebastian started to be more involved in coffee in 2014 when he returned to Colombia. Sebastian witnessed the specialty movement taking place in other countries and was inspired. It was at this point that Sebastian decided to focus on producing Specialty Coffee at La Divisa, so together with his family planted varieties such as Geisha and Pink Bourbon. Sebastian says he wants their hard work producing coffee to speak for itself, and although it has taken 3 years, we are starting to see their marvellous results. Ten years ago, La Divisa’s focus was on quantity, but since changing their focus to Specialty Coffee, they have seen a radical change in the quality of the coffee they are producing. Their focus on differentiated lots and varieties has come at a time when the market has been demanding more of these types of coffees.


    Sebastian is grateful to Cofinet (we are too, for bringing this coffee to Australia!) because of the technical assistance and support they have provided. Sebastian enjoys passing time with his baby and wife. He loves skating, and the best moment for him is when he goes skating while he walks around with his baby in the park. What a multitalented guy, we love this too!!!


    When it came to roasting this coffee we wanted to highlight the amazing sweetness that pairs with the complex flavours that a pink bourbon brings. We took things nice and slow, allowing a bit more time in the roaster to really balance out acidity and sweetness.


    We prefer our filter brews from a v60, but we won’t judge for use of anything at all to make yourself a coffee - even a (clean) sock.


    Our recommended ratio when brewing filter coffee is 60g of coffee per litre of water. Simply scale this down, or up, for your desired size of brew.


    With all methods, you’ll want: a grind size similar to granulated sugar, boiling water, and about 3 minutes of brewing time. This goes for v60, aeropress, plunger, and the (still hopefully clean) sock.


    Our favourite recipe for v60:

    • 20g of medium to coarsely ground coffee, it’ll feel a little like granulated sugar.
    • Set your kettle to boil, and ready your socks to be rocked.
    • We use a 60g bloom, with a swirl of the slurry to make sure it’s all wet. You can stir of that’s easier, just don’t rip the paper!
    • After that, when your timer is at 45 seconds, add more water to a total of 200g, and swirl gently.
    • Then finally at 1:15 on your timer, add the rest of your water, to 330g, and do one last little swirl.
    • Wait till it drains through, roughly 3:30 is a good time, pour into your favourite mug, and let those socks be rocked.


    If you’d like more info or tips, get in touch!

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