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Core Roasters Coffee: handpicked, considered coffee, roasted in small batches in Melbourne. Inspired by people, flavour, 1920s Japanese woodblock prints and graphic poster design.
Mwendiwega | Kenya
  • Mwendiwega | Kenya
  • Mwendiwega | Kenya
  • Mwendiwega | Kenya

Mwendiwega | Kenya


Welcoming MWENDIWEGA, a mix of 1610masl washed process SL28, SL34, batian & ruiru 11 varietals grown by tMwendiwega Estate in Kirinyaga, Kenya.


Expect to taste: ocherry blossom, red apple, brown sugar, apple pie, cascara, angostura bitters & chambord


    TL;DR: cherry blossom, red apple, brown sugar, apple pie, cascara, angostura bitters & chambord


    Mwendiwega is an estate and washing station located near the town of Kerugoya, in the Kibingo district of the Kirinyaga region in Kenya's Central Valley. The facility has an average annual production of about 11,000 kilos of coffee that it receives from its own farm and a collective group of nearby farming families. The area has red volcanic soil, supporting the production of SL-28, Ruiru 11, and Batian varieties. Farmers also plant corn and bananas among the coffee.

    Kirinyaga, in Central Kenya, is home to Mt. Kenya. It is forested with a wealth of exotic wildlife receiving 50 inches of rain per year. Many rivers run through the region and the soil is rich and volcanic, providing smallholders and cooperatives with the resources to grow and process some of Kenya's most fruit-forward coffees.

    We roasted this coffee with the appropriate level of intensity… LOTS! We wanted to really give the slight boozy notes, and crazy depth of fruit flavors a chance to shine.


    We prefer our filter brews from a v60, but we won’t judge for use of anything at all to make yourself a coffee - even a (clean) sock.


    Our recommended ratio when brewing filter coffee is 60g of coffee per litre of water. Simply scale this down, or up, for your desired size of brew.


    With all methods, you’ll want: a grind size similar to granulated sugar, boiling water, and about 3 minutes of brewing time. This goes for v60, aeropress, plunger, and the (still hopefully clean) sock.


    Our favourite recipe for v60:

    • 20g of medium to coarsely ground coffee, it’ll feel a little like granulated sugar.
    • Set your kettle to boil, and ready your socks to be rocked.
    • We use a 60g bloom, with a swirl of the slurry to make sure it’s all wet. You can stir of that’s easier, just don’t rip the paper!
    • After that, when your timer is at 45 seconds, add more water to a total of 200g, and swirl gently.
    • Then finally at 1:15 on your timer, add the rest of your water, to 330g, and do one last little swirl.
    • Wait till it drains through, roughly 3:30 is a good time, pour into your favourite mug, and let those socks be rocked.


    If you’d like more info or tips, get in touch!

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