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Core Roasters Coffee: handpicked, considered coffee, roasted in small batches in Melbourne. Inspired by people, flavour, 1920s Japanese woodblock prints and graphic poster design.
Granja Paraiso 92 | Colombia | Espresso
  • Granja Paraiso 92 | Colombia | Espresso
  • Granja Paraiso 92 | Colombia | Espresso
  • Granja Paraiso 92 | Colombia | Espresso

Granja Paraiso 92 | Colombia | Espresso


Say hello to GRANJA PARAISO 92, a washed process red bourbon grown by the local small farmers of Piendamo at 1700-2000masl in Cauca, Colombia.


Expect to taste: apple pie, umeshu, pear, chocolate mousse, angostura bitters, cola & honeycomb


    TL;DR: a superstar producer helping their local growers. Signature flavours from Wilton, and the goodness of helping others, a guaranteed winner.


    Chemical engineer turned top notch coffee grower, Wilton Benitez is one to know. With his evasive and acclaimed thermo shock processing techniques, working with Wilton has been watching a master at work. He is a highly specialised coffee producer, with a lifetime of experience in cultivating exotic and sought after coffee.  


    Wilton’s company has a processing plant in the region of Cauca, Colombia, where he and his team ensure the same standard of quality, from regional lots to microlots. At his farm, El Paraiso 92, Wilton grows over ten different varieties, implementing a crazy array of innovative cultivation systems and processing techniques. Think drip irrigation, shade-growth and terraces.  Think anaerobic fermentation, introduced microorganisms and strict selection. 


    If that’s not enough to convince, Wilton measures absolutely everything at a chemical level, calculating fermentation and nutrition in one of his labs (Yep, we said labs.  Plural).


    At the very top level, his coffees have been turning heads these last few years, and we love representing him on this side of the world.  Cheers Wilton!


    This Red Bourbon varietal is a mixed harvest from farmers nearby Granja Paraiso 92, owned by Wilton Benitez. Wilton sources freshly harvested coffee cherries from farmers. He then brings the cherries to his processing facility near a town called Piendamo, where he ferments the coffee for 36 hours. The coffee is depulped, washed and dried in his state of the art facility. Far More requested that Wilton produce a higher volume coffee with a more accessible price point, and more broadly appreciated tasting notes – this is the result of discussion and testing from 2021-2023.


    We’ve roasted this coffee to be rich, bold and exciting. A true celebration of Wilton’s commitment to great coffee and working with his local peers. We’ve made sure you’ll get rich textures of espresso, while enjoying Wilton’s signature flavours.


    We start with the same recipe for all of our espresso coffees:

    • 20g dose
    • 45g yield
    • 30 seconds


    From here we will tweak things to get the flavours to highlight things we like. Use this as your starting point and go wild!


    Note: some domestic espresso machines can’t use a 20g dose. Please always follow your manufacturers instructions to avoid damaging your equipment.

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