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Cacao Husk | Guatemala
  • Cacao Husk | Guatemala
  • Cacao Husk | Guatemala
  • Cacao Husk | Guatemala

Cacao Husk | Guatemala


Meet our CACAO HUSK tea, grown at 180masl, hand-sorted & fermented in wooden boxes by small producers of the Lachua Ecoregion in Guatemala.


Expect to taste: tropical fruit, lemon candy, black tea, strawberry & dark chocolate.


    TLDR: if you want lots of the benefits of eating good quality chocolate, but want to skip the sugar, and really can't be bothered chewing, this is for you! Packed with antioxidants, minerals, and the all important theobromine, this is a drink that will make you feel good!


    This cacao is roasted by us to be made into chocolate bars and other treats (Soon! We promise! Keep your eyes peeled and your mouths ready!). The husk tea is the outside shell of the cacao beans that is just another way for you to get more chocolate in your mouth!


    The “Eco-region Lachuá” around the lake is home to Q’eqchi’ Maya families, many of whom live off grid and rely on production of cacao, honey, cardamom, corn and other crops for their livelihoods. Lachuá communities have planted over 245 hectares of new cacao since 2014 and improved financial literacy in cacao production through projects supported by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), FUNDALACHUA, and FundaSistemas, with the shared goal of protecting the Laguna and improving their quality of life. The communities around the lagoon take the conservation of the ecosystem that surrounds them very seriously, putting into practice agriculture through agroforestry systems that have created a buffer zone, protecting local flora and fauna.


    Cacao from the area has a very unique profile with lots of bright tropical fruit, and the husks are no exception. We're releasing this "tea" as a way to utilise more of the raw product and reduce our waste as cacao husk is usually considered a waste product and is simply discarded at the end of the chocolate making process. However it contains many essential minerals, antioxidants, and tastes like refreshing and light cup of chocolate, so give it a try, you'll be very surprised.


    This tea is suitable for drinking both with or without milk.


    in a teapot with a strainer, or a french press: 10g per 250ml, 95C water, 4 -5 minutes. You can let it brew longer if you want a little more strength!


    Cold Brew: 20g per 500ml of water and just throw it in the fridge overnight.

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